Thursday, 16 February 2012

Current favourite!

I have been meaning to scrap about all the little quirks of my 3 year old "right now" and when I seen this picture which pretty much epitomises him in one shot I knew I had to do it now otherwise the moments would pass and probably be lost forever in the whirlwind that seems to be our lives at the moment.

I found inspiration from the amazing Maggie Holmes, she is very into flags and lovely fresh colours. I sometimes find it hard scrapping boy pages especially where embellishments are concerned! I would love to be able to use butterflies and flowers but can't quite bring myself to use them on boy pages, lets face it they are lovely but to me have no place on a car loving, tree climbing, mess making boys page! So what I'm getting at is I'm all for the flags so looking forward to using them more!

Also felt the desire to make buns so these are a variation on my Auntie's amazing chocolate marshmallow cake, I made a batch for work to my delight had enough left to make this little mini cake woop!

Sorry for the terrible lighting in the pictures, its night and the light in our house is terrible so I'll keep this in mind for future photo taking! :)

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  1. Great layout! I am going to have that problem soon (scrapping boy pages). I have only scrapped my two older girls but now I have to start on my baby ( 5months)as he has only one page so far!