Monday, 19 March 2012

Doilies, doilies everywhere!

So seeing as doilies are obviously very cool right now I decided that I would use the wonderful Pinterest to find inspiration for home decor for Mothers Day, there were so many ideas but this is what I ended up with...

I made a doilie garland, pretty simply folded them in half over bog standard string and stapled to make them stay in place, loved it! Also decorated old jam jars with them too and tied them up with some bakers twine, added some tea lights and some flowers, very cute!

Elliot, my little boy didn't want his photo taken but I was determined to get at least one photo of us together on Mothers Day as I didn't manage to get one last year! I made afternoon tea for my in-laws which was nice although did consume a few too many cream scones but they were extremely yummy!

Then after a walk along the harbour to assess the progress of our local play park which is currently under renovation, it was onto dinner for my parents.

Pink bubbly, to not only celebrate my lovely Mum on Mothers day but also to celebrate the fact that after 18 long months I have completed my last module and it feels great to be free from work, for a while at least!

I did a wee layout to have out of Elliot and I, there arent too many pictures of us together so it was nice to do one of the two of us!

Hope to be more scrap happy now that I've a bit more time on my hands!

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